Monday, 27 July 2009

1st Post... We've moved!

Remember that sweet old little blog called 'Fashion and Babysitting'...?
No..!? Not suprised really because it was boooorriingg....well the actual content was good, but the layout etc was rubbish! And so i've decided to move blogspot (from wordpress) but it suits me better :)

Now let me explain the photo...i was looking for a photo of a girl with louis vuitton luggage (because of the whole moving thing) but couldn't find one i liked, then remembered the recent episode of gossip girl where the fabulous brittany murphy plays lily rhodes (aka young lily van der wooderson) and remembered her in the beginning with fabulous glasses, fabulous car aaaand louis vuitton luggage! however this is the best photo i could find of her :( but it'll do :)


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